Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Multimedia & Graphic Design

Agilesoft offers a wide variety of specialized graphic design services including logo design, corporate identity development, multimedia and flash presentations.
We put solid foundation in web design development. Preserving track of the latest technological enhancements we make good use of the most superior web design tools, thus guaranteeing the top-notch high quality of the end-product and complete fulfillment of our customers. Our step-by-step process assures that nothing is overlooked in the ultimate product.

Friday, 18 September 2015

E-Commerce Application

Agilesoft is fulfilling all your needs with full of dynamic and current technology implementation to your business sites. As E-commerce saves funds and time, both go hand in hand and become the method to reach out to new markets at a click. Since the web world is filled with online shopping carts, they are shown to a variety of products and even get time to think. It turns the normal customer into a clever shopper. A lot of solutions provided by us for advertising your business sites
  • Absolutely browser based
  • Completely SEO optimized by our in-house experts
  • Reorder from earlier purchases
  • Single page checkout
  • Full content management system

An E-commerce solution ends on E-Commerce application development. Every E-commerce solution offers you a new and wonderful look to your online shop, which holds quality traffic to your site. Any new release or an elderly dead business needs promotion. So Agilesoft will promote your business in the form of application development. It forms an important and never ending part of whole system ranging from designing of an E-commerce shop to its development. Any E-commerce website is designed by keeping a user in mind. Through Step-by-step instructions we can get information about a specific product and procedure to buy it.

E-commerce makes company much simpler because it saves time, as time is of the biggest concern these days. All kinds of business focused E-commerce applications have been done with full efficient information by analyzing the current technology. Our company provides more benefits to clients and very competitive in the today's internet market. Client full satisfaction is our credit.

SEO Services

With the Web World flooded with a great number of websites, you need to ensure that your customers (client) reach you??? Having a website is just not all unless it is backed with moral and successful search engine optimization techniques carefully planned and designed to meet your specific business requires. Agilesoft is one among the top SEO Company Varanasi India which assures extremely professional SEO services at very competitive prices. With large numbers of websites residing on the World Wide Web, we are a complete Internet and SEO Marketing company offering result driven solutions to ensure you the visibility your website should get on the web. We help you make use of the power of SEO to the best helping you out in getting top search engine rankings thereby beating your competitors and generating more and more traffic from the search engines such that your online business earns you more income.

Our SEO Methods are designed in accordance to the Google SEO (search engine optimization ) guidelines, and white at SEO techniques so that your website can get position in the top pages of the search engines naturally that keeps on for longer and deliver improved benefits of promotion. Looking at well your website and its targeted traffic, we come up with a unique step by step SEO technique.
Search Engine Marketing can be separated into two types –

  • Paid SEM (Paid by different Revenue models like Pay Per Click, Pay per Sale etc.)
  • Organic SEM (Non paid cost effective way)
Search Engine Marketing is classified on the basis of two types of Website:
  • Dynamic Sites Promotion (.asp, .php, .jsp etc.)
  • Static Sites Promotion (html pages)

Static sites are sites with simple html pages and easy to promote as compared to dynamic sites which have database driven pages. Both of them need different approach for promotion. We, at Agilesoft promote static as well as dynamic sites. Dynamic sites, however, require some extra work.

Web Development

Agilesoft began with Web Application Development with experience and absolutely incomparable quality. Framework has recognized us with well-known clients around the world. 
Web development application developers are technologically well-off clients that are the understanding of flash, HTML, CGI, DHTML etc. They also expert the design languages like ASP, JAVA, ASP.NET, PHP, etc. All the advanced technology and control were managed by our experienced employees and they did good looking web design application for the client's website.
Web development services, these things have truly cared for us,

  • Planning
  • Information Gathering
  • Development
  • Design
  • Testing and Deliver
  • Maintenance

This will allow you to add a high visibility to client site and see a higher traffic. A excellent web design application makes a wonderful opportunity in the market place. A good website application will provided details of your organization in full-fledged specialist and genuine profile or system. Additionally, the website Application can be focused according to your business domain, giving your business better thanks in its specific area. Whatever your needs fulfill with us.

Website Designing

Well-designed and prepared web sites are an essential part of every organization's communication needs. Offering an attractive, intuitive interface with a logical and simple to use navigation layout will make the difference between a happy customer and a disappointed web surfer at your website.
A successful site begins by very carefully planning a satisfying user experience. Agilesoft pays special interest to the following part of your web site:-

  • Site flow and navigation
  • User interface design
  • Maximization for search engines
  • HTML integration with backend technologies
  • Browser Compatibility, etc

Your website is an important part of your image, identity and communication technique. Agilesoft offers a necessary blend of knowledge including creative conception, technical, and brand sensitivity and interactive structure skill and design execution. Combined with our other services, which include marketing, strategy, data integration and technology tools; we provide effective,  powerful interactive and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

About Us

Agilesoft provides a complete range of software development and support services that deliver value-add solutions across a wide variety of market sectors. Our skilled team of business process analysts, designers, developers, installation and technical support specialists can provide end to end support for any of your projects.Whether you need an application developed or you are looking to drive advantages from your existing business systems we can help.
Agilesoft can provide SEO ( Search engine optimization ) Service, Website Design, Website Development and other services which makes your business excellent.

We are experts in the modern development and designing technologies to increase our support in Product development, Application development, Web designing, 2D & 3D Designing, CMS Development, Android applications  and many more. We work on wide area of technology platforms, tools and languages including PHP, MYSQL, .NET, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, CSS, FLASH, PHOTOSHOP, DRUPAL, Megento, HTML,  DREAMWEAVER etc.